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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the recent capture of the reported Craigslist Killer. Now I say reported because until twelve jurors (one questions if they will be of his peers since juries in general rarely reflect the accused peers could you imagine a jury composed of twelve med students, taint gonna happen folks) find Ricko Sauve guilty he is simply the reported or the alleged. You get what I’m saying; I won’t sing the guilty song just yet.

Granted the authorities found the victims’ panties in his dresser, planted no doubt by the panty fairy, that doesn’t independently qualify Mr. Markoff as a sex-freak murderer.

Anywho what I find interesting about this story besides the SVU-esque appeal is the lovely fiancée sticking by her man to the end. In the hood, she’d be considered a ride or die chick. For those out of the know that’s when a girl dates a bad boy and he gets arrested for crimes he no doubt committed and said girlfriend continues the relationship as if said criminal is not just that. She visits while in jail and once found guilty regularly travel ridonkulously far distances to out of the way prisons for conjies (conjugal visits) all the while putting money on his books so he can buy smokes and keep jail-gay dudes off his butt hole. (Did I go too far with that description?)

Side note I love it when mainstream goes all ghetto-fantabulous!

Back to my point, what’s with this support you until you drag to me fire breathing pits of hell mentality? It’s like the abused wife sticking with her abuser till death (his or hers, take your pick). Not that Ms. McAllister should pull a complete 180 on the panty bandit but come on now a show of complete support seems a bit too far, in my taste anyway. How does one explain the infamous panties in the bureau or the hollowed out Grey’s Anatomy textbook? Silly coincidence, I think not!

Reports indicate that Markoff told his family and friends not to think about him, if this isn’t an admission of guilt I don’t know what is. Of course he didn’t plead guilty so I presume he’s up for the long fight. With staggering (130K) student loan debt how he plans to pay for a proper Johnny Cochran-type defense team is beyond me. It will be interesting in the months to come to see the assembly of suits forming to make Markoff’s case.

By trial time I wonder if Ms. McAllister will have a change of heart. Probably not, because like so many in love folks blinders take a long time to fade away. I assume when your fiancée gets charged with murdering women (OK one woman and robbing another) he met on Craiglist (not even Facebook or Myspace) the blinders would immediately dissipate but love conquers all I guess.

And this proves the point that there’s someone out here for everyone even if you’re a sexual deviant freak who gets his jollies robbing prostitutes and keeping their panties in a drawer in an apartment you share with your girlfriend. Ain’t love grand!

1 Pardon My French:

Jen said...

Worse she might be one of those women who want to change their man. If she loves him enough he can rehabilitate, with her help of course, which is why he probably chose her in the first place.


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