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Don’t get overly excited I didn’t say go horizontal (there was no freaky sneaky this weekend) I said go vertical which means scale ginormous ridonkulous sized walls while hanging from a bungee type rope thing. It was Nurse Friend’s birthday activity weekend and as a group we went in-door rock wall climbing. Nurse Friend invited some of her other friends (Just Friends Ex, Half of the Double Mint Twins and The Pittsburgh Popper) to join for the festivities. Of course The Best Friend came along for the fun and I also invited Mailroom Boy.

Since I am on the fence about Mailroom Boy, I decided that a group event was a better way to break the ice in terms of “dating.” I’m sure the Work Gnome will be happy to hear that we’re getting to know each other, see this post for insider secrets. I never noticed how skinny he was until he was strapped in a rock climbing harness and spider manning up a wall. That’s beside the point really. Did I forget to mention he showed up so late he only did one climb and nearly missed the entire group outing all together? Supposedly his grandfather summoned him early morning to fix a bookshelf or some such thing that extended way into mid afternoon. I mean the fun extravaganza started at 1:30, oh how I hate colored people time!

My untrusting nature doesn’t really believe this but he was very cute outside of his work clothes so I kinda let it go.

While scaling the walls (not really scaling for me as I hit my bad knee against the wall and didn’t make it to the top-I already feel like a loser no need to rub it in) I missed calls from 21 Jump Street and The Spaniard. 21 Jump Street I suspect was really on a feeler mission for Designer Jeans who happens to have a hard on for Nurse Friend. Unfortunately for Designer Jeans that both he and 21 Jump Street need a few lessons in dating intelligent girls, we are always thinking one step ahead so the lies and “game” will only get you but so far.

Side note we uncovered a small mystery late last night so 21 Jump Street is really off the island this time- I might post about it later.

The Spaniard, he was returning my call from early morning but didn’t leave a message. I later (yesterday) dealt with a pissy attitude about me never being available when he wants to talk, see me yada yada yada. In some circles this extreme like is cute but also a little off setting, The Nurse Friend said it could be the first sign of being possessive (us women-folk and our over-analyzationisms). I don’t know if I can take it that far although we girls do seem to favor object-esque treatment a la Rihanna (she’s signed up for another ape shit beat down)! I could be stumbling into the realm of my inner abused girlfriend.

All in all going vertical was quite fun minus the bruise on my left knee. I can totally see us going back/including this funness into our normal things to do. My all time absolute favorite moment of the outing was when Half of the Double Mint Twins made it to the top and the instructor told her to get into the seated position and let go of the wall. If you could have seen the snarly half bottle necking are you out of your mind look Half gave the belayer you’d probably be laughing right now (I am but that’s because I have a better frame of reference).

For this month we have another out of the norm activity planned for The Best Friend’s birthday. She’s sure to like it although it doesn’t involve her main food group, men!

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