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Randomly Mailroom Boy and I were chit chatting about music. I think he wanted to ask me to the Ne-Yo concert but lost the nerve. He mentioned something about Valentine's Day as well but I quickly changed the subject. Good for him because as we know I don't mix business and pleasure.

Somehow or another we ended up talking about the Jacksons. Because really when you talk music you can't not mention the Jacksons. Of course some might argue you can't not mention the Beatles or some such group but hey it was my conversation if you don't like it, lump it.

So we started talking about the Jacksons and of course it ended with that lovable pedophile Michael. I mean if ever there were a pedophile to love and adore Michael is probably the one.

What skeeves me out about Michael you know minus the I like to sleep in the bed with nine year olds I don't know are those children's parents. What parent in his/her right mind sends an innocent child to Michael's lair. I guess it's a good thing he went rich people bankrupt and lost Never Never Land.

Rich people's bankrupt is totally different from joe average's bankrupt. Michael Jackson went bankrupt where you can still afford a small fleet-like empire in another country. My version of bankrupt probably looks a lot like take up shop in skanky apartment on the wrong side of town.

It's somewhat troubling that twenty four jurors of his peers didn't find this whack job guilty of any crime. It makes me sometimes questions the actual intelligence of the nation. Which then led Mailroom Boy and I to the notion that while Michael has undeniable classics, Billy Jean, PYT, Dirty Diana, Bad, Thriller etc etc etc, he's actually not a good lyricist. If someone can name one song where Michael actually said something that was remotely meaningful send it my way.

Does that mean he's the over-rated King of Pop?

You know what else gets my panties in a knot about MJ. His make believe Vitiligo and his emasculated man/woman voice. Yes this pisses me off on sooooooo many levels. The first reason, my Godson will forever know Michael Jackson as some skeletor type freak of nature who has no complexion and no nose (some have said that he looks like a white woman but I've never seen any white woman like that in my life).

Bottom line here I've known some folks with Vitiligo their complexion changes in patches not full body. Hate to break it to you Mikey boy but full body paleness doesn't happen and if you didn't want to be white (not that there's anything wrong with being white if you were born that way) why not stick with the complexion folks remember instead of opting for some washed out non existent complexion. Oh and another thing he's lighter now than when the conversion first started, again not a symptom.

It's easier to tan than to untan!

Second, WTF is up with his voice? How is it hormonally possible for 10yr old Michael to have a deeper more masculine voice than 40+yr old Michael? Correct me if I'm wrong but as men age their voices get deeper not higher. He's always using his in the library voice for reasons unknown.

Hopefully he stays in Bahrain and doesn't attempt to resurrect his career as the Freak of Pop.

6 Pardon My French:

Ranran said...

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The metamorphosis wis hilarious!


Awwweee, I actually like MJ's music...not the man per se' but the music...Don't get me wrong. I do not support him, and it gets my panties in a bunch about him and the whole R' Kelly thing...like R' had a freakin video....come on now....so I will not buy either one of their CD's ever again...

On another, happier note, remember when Prince used to wear tight pants and high heeled boots???? Oh wait, he still does :)

Jenn Thorson said...

I recall one photo of Michael dangling his baby off the balcony and with his toothy insane smile, his tattooed red lips and his overly-sculpted face, I thought:

"Now we know what the Boogeyman looks like."

I swear. If I were a kid, I would have had nightmares for weeks seeing him.

It's a shame he'll never get the mental help he needs.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Ranran, I got a kick out of the transformation pics myself. It really is quite sad when you think about it though, he really hates himself.

@Diva, Prince is one of the hottest men alive. I don't care if he's wearing butt-less pants a perm and 5 inch stilettos he can still get it.

MJ is a freak of nature. Don't get me wrong I like his songs but the man (if that's even true anymore) needs some serious serious help. What's even crazier....the free world allows this maniac to have children.

@Jenn, somehow I think waking up to the boogey man might actually be better than waking to Michael. Rumor has it that he glows in the dark. I can believe it he has a iridescent glow to his complexion.

Me-Me King said...

You are right, what parent in their right mind would ever send their child into Michael's lair - well, it's just creepy. Michael is creepy, LaToya is creepy, the whole damn family is creepy.

It's just a thriller in the night...

BeNC said...

Yup... It was quite weird for him to untan his natural skin color, as if he intentionally makes himself an albino sufferer?!

And I feel grateful to have read this to realize another thing about him, though I like his music, but your post makes me aware that his voice is not going deeper as he ages.

Apart from all that, he did his nose job long ago too if I'm not mistaken...


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