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Yeah Beyonce.......Oh Wait That's A Pudge In A Leotard

As if Justin Timberlake in a leo wasn't enough on SNL now I've got thunder cakes here. And you know what, I'm more amused not by the fact that he's bottle-necking in true black ghetto girl fashion but that he seems to abandon all shame and goes for what he knows.

Pudgy-kins here doesn't seem to care that he forgot to wax his back or that his dingle berries are showing slightly. He's completely at ease romping around shaking his money maker without regard. And you know what, I applaud you Mr. Jelly Belly. It takes a real man to don a skin hugging black (cause it's slimming)leotard and bust a move.

I have one issue, someone explain the washcloth. Is that to catch the sweat? Was that an actual prop in the real video? At this point I'm not sure because I've seen so many spoofs that I don't remember the real thing outside of the fact that at the end Beyonce starts that post marathon running breathing. Memo to Mrs Knowles-Carter, that's not sexy.

But you know what is sexy........Nigel Barker!!!! What were you expecting me to say, Fatty shaking his junk ummmmmm sorry no.

3 Pardon My French:

timethief said...

Oh my, why did he choose to share that video?
I almost choked on my tea and now I have a keyboard to clean up.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I am repulsed, fascinated, mortified, and impressed all at the same time. Therefore, I LOVE this video. I like the fact that there are edits in there as if he had to stop and take a breather before he could continue. I applaud this guy for "selling it" all the way. Two thumbs up!

Claire said...

Oh my, that dude can dance better than me! But I am slightly less hairy :)

That twas hilarious.

and the bloke at the bottom of this post is phwoarsome.


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