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Who Wants A Clean....What Where Is Niecy Nash????

You know folks there is but so much television I actually watch. Since the pickings are so slim I keep SVU, CSI Miami and Clean House in my personal TV I actually like rotation. Yes I know one of those things is not like the other, yada yada yada.

OK you caught me every so often I add some frivolous MTV shows like The Hills or The City. Digressing!

You need to spruce all that crime, blood and forensics up with a little funny! Insert Clean House on the Style Network channel 43 (or whatever channel Style is for you, check with your local cable provider I am not a TV Guide)! It served as my every day dose of mayhem and foolishness sprinkled with some adultesque humor a la Ms. Nash and sometimes the Go-2-Guy, Matt Iseman.

Of late there's been no Nash. Sulking in the corner to myself. You can't do the Old Becky/New Becky switch-a-roo. We're talking about the hostess with the mostess. Did you think us regulars wouldn't notice the plump Hispanic woman (not funny) the awkward bird-like white woman (also not funny) or possibly the episode when there was no host at all and Matt attempted to lead the pack of cleaner-uppers?

Side note, Matt please stick to your day job of hammering, nailing and screwing because main attraction you are not but you do a helluva job as side dish. As do Mark and Trish (love the southern twangs).

I want some answers and I want them now. Knowing that Nash took a small hiatus from filming the show to pursue her TV Series Do Not Disturb (it was cancelled by Fox-always trying to keep a sister down) was sad but understandable. Now that that show has flown it's coop why no Nashisms on Clean House. Is this some type of contract dispute, we the viewers deserve an answer. Is she still shooting Reno 911 for Comedy Central?

Recent previews show yet another impostor attempting to fill Nash's shoes. None other than Laura Winslow (I don't know her real name) Yup you heard me the uber good girl big sister from Family Matters may be hosting. Is she even funny? I think a viewer resume review is in order here instead of sticking up with yet another imitation Niecy.

What's even more confusing, the constant and continuous mixed messages. Every new host gets on an says she is covering for Niecy. Every poster or advertisement still has her likeness splashed across it's pages or her voice in the background. How am I to reconcile this behavior? Even Niecy's personal blog indicates a return to the show. WTF gives? Of course her blog is several months behind.

If by chance a Style Network employee/producer is out there reading my blog (chances are slim to none) please find a way to bring Niecy back.

1 Pardon My French:

cardiogirl said...

Finally! Someone else is sharing my pain.

I get so pissed off when the "fill in host" tells me that she's just covering for Niecy who couldn't be here today.

Damnation. I watch because I like order and Niecy makes me laugh.

Did you see her on the episode where the couple had MONKEYS living in the house?

And the actually slept with one IN THEIR BED at night? Niecy's reaction was priceless!

Anyway, it hasn't been on lately. Instead they're showing SuperNanny which sucks.

So I miss the show and I miss Niecy. Niecy please come back. We love you.


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