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44th President.....Entering Stage Left Barack Obama!

Don't get me wrong I am way on team Barack but does it ever seem like he's a rock star? Not in the trash pricey hotel rooms rock star kinda way but in that inspire a generation type of way. He's got a Bono-esque appeal about himself. I'll admit while I never listened to a Bono song in it's entirety when he gets up and starts going on about going green and the starving kids in Africa for some reasons I'm all ears. Barack houses that same magic. When he steps on stage whether you love him or hate him you want to listen. Maybe it's just me I do have an adult crush on the man.

Michelle I am working on my issues, don't worry the secret service probably already have my picture.

But I'm not deluded either. I recognize that Barack while uber scrumptious intelligent is just a man. He's not packing a pocket of fairy dust and today after he takes the walk all will be calm and settled with the world. It took us a long time to get into the hole and it's gonna take even longer (my novice opinion) to get out.

We mustn't messiah-tize Obama and think that with a finger snap broken will be fixed. This ain't the movies kids. And while some days I wish it were, you know cause they can cast Sanaa Lathan to play me in the big screen adaptation of this is my life, there isn't always a dashing knight rushing in to rescue the damsel in distress. Outside in the real world damsels must tighten their boot straps and wrestle through the murk along side the knight. No one's getting a get out of jail free pass these days. Folks hit the hardest by this hole lost fathers and brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and cousins not just a job.

Don't get me wrong there is hope. I like to think that Barack is a perfect symbol of perseverance and determination. I won't tell a t-waddy (lie) in my lifetime I never imagined seeing a black president. It's true! My experience taught me that feat was an impossibility. But that goes to show what self induced limitations can do for a person or group for that matter. With an overjoyed mind and heart bursting at the seems I watched this nation elect Barack Obama. The moment was priceless and memorialized with a tear that I let slip down my cheek in front of friends (you know it had to be touching cause I don't cry in front of anyone).

But do you know what the bigger shining light is, the thing that makes today even more heart warming....I will never have to refer to Dub-ya as my president again in life. See-ya lata frenemy with your Texas twang and your moronic stare.

How about chewing on these Bushisms:

"How can you possibly have an international agreement that's effective unless countries like China and India are not full participants?" --George W. Bush, Camp David, April 19, 2008

"Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB/GYN's aren't able to practice their love with women all across the country."

Rock on Barack, Rock on!

3 Pardon My French:

timethief said...

I think this is among your best posts. It's written from both your heart and your head and it reflects deep and balanced thinking.

I too am filled with hope that I didn't have when Bush was in office. It's my hope that all Americans will take part in the shifts that have to be made to restore their country's economy and their nation's reputation in the world.

It's also my hope that the needs of the poverty stricken and ill educated will also be addressed more compassionately than ever before.

The greatest resource any country has is it's people and equipping them to become happy, cooperative and productive citizens is something the I believe Obama is aiming for.

He can't achieve any of his aims unless the American populace and the Congress and Administration stand together and implement changes that will stand the test of time and I'm hoping that this will take place.

Thank you for publishing this post and giving me the opportunity to comment on it.

Best wishes for a better future for America.

Lotus said...

And the awesomeness that is Faith continues...love the post. And the new look of the blog. Ur right the big, bad BAM is a total rock star, and I think it's awesome. If you think about it, the position of the presidency has evolved with time. In the day and age a "rock star" prez is just what we need to grab the attention of the nation and get us out of this funk.

Farrah | Free Animated Images said...

LMAO!!! Could that happen in real life?? Obama needs to practice more...being a rock star does not guarantee attention from people. You still need to prove your knack!!!


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