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Customer service ain't what it used to be. Remember in the not to recent past actually speaking with a human, ah the good ole days. Sometimes I even perk up when speaking with someone who doesn't truly understand English as a first language because at least he/she has a pulse. Interacting with a person can bring me to near tears.

Don't get me wrong the efficiency with which a computer can diagnose a problem is phenomenal. Problem is explaining said technical malfunction to a living breathing human rarely happens during the three step menu process. And once you migrate through the three levels of hades with the computer only to have to deal with a representative you get treated as if you ate her first born.

Sorry lady I didn't shoot Bambi's mom can you try not to talk to me like I'm the unibomber.

Have you ever left a customer service desk feeling like you interrupted some one's day? Oh wait I'm sorry it's not like this is your job. Customer service seems to be the one profession where you can simply spit in your clients' faces and we still come back wanting more. Case in point the whole Comcast fiasco. Granted after the posting the friendly executives did make good but really it shouldn't have to get to that level. Why oh why is customer service teaming with folks that should refrain from contact with children and small animals? Everyone with resumes that state in the running for rudest person on earth must navigate their way to the top of the stack.

How about yesterday I walk into Dairy Queen, sue me I felt like a blizzard. As I enter a little charm rings to let the scoopers know a customer arrived. Behind the counter is a middle aged woman with her back to me making an ice cream cake. Being the un-rude person that I am, there was no need to break her concentration so I wait and wait and wait. Do you think the wench turns to even acknowledge I walked into the store. Nope. So instead of saying something I decide to play the let me stand here like an idiot game. She continues building ice cream cake for the invisible customer.

About six minutes go by without even a friendly let me finish this and I'll be right with you. I'd probably still be standing there now if another scooper didn't come from the back and ask if I wanted anything else.

Anything else, I haven't even placed an order! Maybe I'm being too sensitive.

Of course being treated like shit in a Dairy Queen isn't up there on my list of things to have happen and really isn't all that bad if not coupled with the total disrespect from my doctor's office. Granted I am not a every week kind of patient so I don't expect over the top treatment What I do expect is reasonable care, I mean at least acknowledge me like a person who pays her co-pays on time and doesn't show up late and still expect to see the doctor. But I digress.

Of late I've come down with this hellish mucus congestion sinus thing. I am not medically trained. Before my trip for work to Chi-town I call my doctor's office to explain the symptoms. First issue, the stupid automated menu which put me into the prescription line and left me on hold for over five minutes. OK I hang up and dial back. This time I pick a different option and am put on hold by the receptionist. At least now I feel like someone will eventually see the line blinking.

After about four minutes of muzak the receptionist gets on the line and asks how she can help me. I explain to her that I am having similar problem that I had about 9 months ago and I was prescribed at that time antibiotics. Is it possible that I can get a prescription called in for me or do I need to make an appointment. Side note I also mentioned the very near trip to Chicago. To which the receptionist responded nonchalantly I might add that the doctor will call you back later today.

It's a good thing I'm not over here dying of some communicable disease because no one is on their job. Needless to say I have yet to hear from the doctor since my call to the office Monday morning. Since I self diagnosed with a minor cold based on the symptoms I've typed into Webmd, I should be fine by the close of the week. Good thing my Chicago trip was postponed.

This is customer dis-service at it's best.

2 Pardon My French:

Jenn Thorson said...

Your Dairy Queen experience is like our Bruegger's Bagels. We've waited minutes for them to finish their personal conversations while the lines get longer. And the sad thing is, one of the managers is a part of it.

Hope you feel better soon and can get the right meds.

All4Service said...

This is what my blog is ALLLLLLL about. Stuff like this. Everywhere I go I blog about the service that I recieve. Yes, that is exactly the same service that we so often see and it disgust me to have to see that this is what service has come to. I'm in the service industry and I used to work for Marriott. It's funny how people just have jobs, but hospitality isnt a "just have a job" industry. It can make or break a company.



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