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In 2008 it's hard to meet someone who isn't infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. What's scarier is the fact that over 1 million people in the United States are infected and a quarter of those don't even know. Not knowing your status keeps everyone at risk!

Did you now that 50% of all new AIDS cases in America are for people under 25? Prevention is the key. Although abstinence is the only 100% sure fire way to remain HIV/AIDS free it is not practical. It's simply a disservice to only promote abstinence. In order to thwart HIV in it's tracks we must be cognizant of all the measures needed to keep us safe.

One of the ways to ensure your sexual safety and those of your loves one is to truly understand how HIV/AIDS is transmitted. You cannot get infected by casual contact. Casual contact includes use of public telephones, using public rest rooms, shaking hands or even a casual kiss. HIV lives in blood, semen or vaginal fluid and is transmitted three primary ways:
  • Having sex (anal, oral and vaginal) with someone infected with HIV
  • Sharing needles and/or syringes with someone infected with HIV
  • Being exposed (infant or fetus) to HIV before or during birth or through breast milk

Know your status. For a testing site near your home please visit http://aids.gov/. Before getting involved in a sexual relationship, know your partner's status. If you aren't comfortable discussing your sexual history, consider that the idea that you aren't mature enough to engage in sex at all.

Always take precautionary measures even if you're in a committed relationship. Employ the use of condoms and spermicide when engaging in any type of sexual behavior. If not you can become a part of the growing group of young adults living with HIV/AIDS. Seventy percent of people living with HIV in 2006 were between the ages of 25 and 49 (770,000 persons) which equates to the entire population of South Dakota. Before we wipe any more states off the map let's get out there and:

  • Understand the ways HIV is transmitted
  • Know your status and keep it up to date
  • Know your partner's status
  • Continue to use condoms and spermicide

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timethief said...

Well said. Your post is concise and contains all the most important information. Mine rambles (shrug). Thanks for joining in the campaign. :)


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