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When Black Friday Goes Wrong

The news at noon reported that a 34 year old male working at Wal Mart was trampled attempting to open the doors at 5AM for a mob of shoppers. An ambulance was called and the worker along with multiple customers injured during the stampede were taken to the hospital. Once at the hospital, based on the news report, the discount store worker died, the exact cause is unknown.

Here's a stab in the dark, maybe being thrown to the ground and stomped on by a bazillion feet as folks screamed and scurried forward looking for Play Stations and Cabbage Patch Kids and Strollers and Car Seats and Ipods etc etc etc caused his death. That's just a thought. Honestly I never knew Black Friday was so dangerous. After building fast friendships over six cold hours of camp out in front of the super giant why would you be so angry that you bum rush the door. It wasn't like the store employee refused to let them in.

Wal Mart customers are obvioulsy of a savory nature much unlike the Best Buy shoppers who filed in in twos and threes garnashing smiles as they charged big screen televisions and digital cameras. Geez remind me to stay home on Black Friday and order my holiday gifts off the internet.

1 Pardon My French:

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I stayed away from the shops this year and I am still disgusted with the tramplers. No deal is worth a human life.


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