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Since you're meticulous and organized, it's no shocker that you gravitate toward a bonsai, whose constant need for pruning and unkeep makes it the neat freak of woody plants. Your partner no doubt has a big smile on his or her face because you're as thoughtful and detail oriented between the sheets as you are at work. Your ideal mate is as put together as you are...and, like you, is easy on the eyes. Just try to relax when you notice a hair out of place, okay?

Ok folks here it goes, on ocassion when I am completely bored out of my mind I pick up the current issue of Cosmo and devour it from the glossy cleavage filled cover to the annoying make-up ad final page. It is a senseless pleasure and every now and again I find something devilishly amusing. In the wonderful November issue I found out Daniel-son that I am the Bonsai.

Oh yeah I am the Bonsai, did you read the description. It told me to relax when a hair is out of place. Anyone who knows anything about me will definitely stand up in a court of law and swear to the fact that I will pause every and anything to fix a stray strand. In recent past I've even fixed my hair in a spoon, department store display and a shiny elevator door, discreetly of course. In most instances this doesn't make me feel any type of way because the first step to getting over a problem is admitting it exists. I am hair-obsessed. Honestly I'm doing a lot better. The worse case of hair-mania was fixing my hair while mid work out. I actually think this had something to do with why my work-out partner dumped me for a new job. I could be wrong.

But I am the Bonsai, I am meticulously tied to details (aside from recently when I've developed quite the case of the forgets) at work and at play. And not to toot or in this case prune my own leaves I'm quite the hottie with multiple talents. On yeah loving this Bonsai stuff,it's better than a cheap horoscope and twice the fun. I love it when I have these moments of absolute frivilousness..Ok on to more pressing matters I have some powerpoints to craft.


P.S And just so you don't think I am lying about this whole Cosmo quiz thing I just asked my brother to take the "test." He is the Oak which means that he's a home body who's incredibily loyal...jackpot this stuff is like science!

3 Pardon My French:

MR. CHAP said...

lol, i may have to try that


Hmmm, I wonder what it says about me??? I used to be a devoted reader of Cosmo...ahhh the good ole' days...

The Crow said...

I'm the bonsai too... Cosmo has the same stuff over and over.. best sex ever, blah blah blah LOL...


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