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Addicted to V

The first step to resolving any addiction is admitting that yes it does exist. So I stand before you, friends and frienemies stating that yes I am addicted to V. No I am not ashamed. And before anyone gets all bent out of shape and sends me comments about 12 step programs it's not a real drug. Deviant drug behavior doesn't interest me in the least.

After suffering through the reality television boom of obnoxious teenagers and predults flashing skin and eating God knows what for money I hungered for a drama or sitcom that comes straight from someones good ole noodle. Not that I didn't initially go hog wild for the fear factors of the world but after awhile there's but so much "reality" I can take. And since it's not reality TV any longer it's actually scripted reality why don't we just go back to the sitcom-ie/night time soap operas of it all and stop this odd creation we call reality show stars. Side note I just started watching this new one on Style called Ruby about this 500+lb woman and some how I've been roped in. OK so maybe I'm not over the genre yet....but I'm really close. I've gone off on a tangent, back to the issue at hand; insert True Blood HBO series here to solve my problem.

And to reiterate I am addicted. Who would have thought some random podunk novels about a chica named Sookie Stackhouse a great 1hr drama would make? I wouldn't folks I definitely wouldn't. And for the past 6-8wks I vehemently opposed watching with my usual smartalickly replies like that sounds sooooo anti-entertaining or why should I bother myself with such nonsense. You know the usual snarky Faith-ism that drive my friends and family batty. I'm going on the record that I was 100% wrong. Granted the show is a scosh on the hyper-sexual side given the extra libido provided by the V (vampire blood which is an actual drug for all those out of the know),I can't seem to break away. for the last three Sundays I've shown up unexpectedly expected at my mother's house to watch (because I refuse to put HBO on my current cable package) to pilfer her television and get lost in this Louisiana world of vamps and other worldlies.

Problem being, now that I've caught up to speed with the current episodes I learn that next week is the season finale. Why, what cable gods have I offended that they've chosen to ruin otherwise dull Sunday evenings? (Maybe Wander's right I do need a boyfriend.) No more vamps! No more vamps until Summer of 09. I'm feeling the beginnings of a panic attack brewing. I want to scream but who is there to scream at. Fearing writing a nasty remark to HBO could leave me without True Blood altogether or even pushed back into the Fall or Winter of 09; that I won't be able to handle. Maybe this is what withdrawal feels like to a junkie. V is a hell of a drug.

Until next time and in the famous words of my Mom-mom left on my answering machine this weekend, hit me back up!!!

2 Pardon My French:

Kelly said...

Yeah, I love "True Blood" too. Sookie is hot. The plot and writing is clever. Some of the scenes are shocking, but in a good way. Too bad my free three month trial to HBO is running out.

cardiogirl said...

(Jumps up and down) Yes, yes! I saw Ruby too! And I was fascinated. I did want them to get into her past and see if she could pinpoint what happened to get her where she is.

But I suppose it's a series and that will unfold later.

I'm hooked. And I do not have HBO, so I guess I'll never meet Sookie.


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