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Ok It's Just Brunch

There's this brunch coming up mid month that I'm not completely sure I want to attend. It's not becaue I'm anti social or anything....and I hate to admit this but I don't care what some of my old college "friends" are doing. Pretty sure the whole thing is going to morph into a session where everyone is manipulating their professions into something their not and all around show boating for no reason but to falsely impress each other. And basically I'm just not for that ish, not any more. On the flip side of things maybe I should lose some of this ego, knock the chip off my shoulder and just go to catch up with people I won't continue to keep in touch with. Ugh I hate these types of decisions.

So basically attending this my job is better than your job, I make more money than you, I'm all around better person than you with my membership to Ballys and my non profit organization brunch is going to be quite the ass biting social event. And don't get me wrong I'm game for an informal brunch with friends. (Problem one being these college associates are just that, kids I knew back when not actual friends) Honestly I'm all for informal but somehow a ten person e-mail mutated to a 30 person e-mail fully equipped with formalized brunch menu and assignments for what to bring. WTF???? Ugh....am I making too much of this?

All in the name of networking. But really networking shouldn't feel like being hit with a billy club. Part of this whole thing that gives me the skeevies is that it feels so damnned forced. Forced social situations are never fun. Everyone's gonna try to be on his best behavior but at the same time being overly pompous so he looks great to the masses. I don't want lunch with politicians, I want a carefree non job interview type of experience. My off the clock time shouldn't feel like on the clock time with no pay check. Screw it I should just stay home.

Am I being to over dramatic about it? DRAMA Sometimes it is my middle name. Have I given brunch a life of it's own, making it more than what it is? On it's face it's just a meeting of people at a friend's house to eat and talk. Problem being, I know the show off nazis are coming to brunch. Not to mention that for real if we really cared about each other...we would regularly speak to one another. Since most of these folks I haven't seen since graduation I think it's safe to conclude that friends we're not. Which opens up the door for I don't care about what you're doing with your life. Honestly you probably don't care what I'm doing with mine. I don't take it personally those that are invested in me are in my life on the regular. This whole quasi reunion is freaking me out.

Bottom line it would be rude to bail so I have to attend. Stay tuned for the fall out.

2 Pardon My French:

JR said...

You just reminded me I have my 10 year high school reunion coming up later this month. I don't really want to go but feel like I have to because my BFF is in charge of it. But still I'll go and I have a feeling everyone is thinking the same as me about it, "Let's see how many kids the cheerleaders have!"
I look forward to reading more from your blog.

Nardeeisms said...

I smiled when I read this. When I was your age, I would not have gone...for the same reasons you mentioned. You and your peers are still at the ages where everyone needs to brag. Now that I am 50,(I still look good by the way) I'll gladly take my jobless self to any reunion, any day, and at any time. As long as I have my return ticket home and/or car keys in hand, and am free to leave whenever I would like, the control is mine. You do the same. Go if you must, but hold on to your options - Nards


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