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All jokes aside for one of my best friend's 27th birthday we collectively decided Chuck e Cheese was the place to be. Before you go into a long lecture about growing up and did I take my Godson....I will put you at ease. We are only as young as we act and no there was no one in on the plan younger than 25. So yes we are big kids. It would have been a fail proof plan too if it didn't turn into a monsoon around 3 in the afternoon. Luckily I hit the car just before sheets of rain hit the street, however a few of my friends weren't so fortunate and were drenched to the undies.

Of course this ruined the skeet ball tournament I worked out in my head. Good bye to the tokens in my pocket or tickets to exchange for a wax crayons and Chiclet necklaces. Am I too old for this place? Side note the pizza at Chuck e Cheese is the best! So the rain tanked our skeet balling and we settled for a ice cream cake.

In true weekend fashion no one manned the pastry counter and I ended up having to carve Happy B-Day into the cake with a kitchen knife. Hey I am a renaissance woman. In the end we did something very grown up...we started watching, The Color Purple. And you guessed it...almost all of us dozed off.

What does that tell you.....don't let the kid inside die because growing up is like falling asleep at the wheel, very dangerous.

Viva la chuck e cheese!

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