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Week In Review: I Won’t Be The Crazy Old Cat Lady…

If anyone wants to know I wasn’t in Vancouver this week. I was in Chi-town booyah!!!! (Hella swamped with work with no ability or time to blog properly and for that I’m sorry.) Well not exactly booyah because I didn’t see anything besides the hotel room, the hotel’s attempt at a sports bar and the client’s office. Yes it’s depressing I know Chi-town is actually quite the swell happening spot…maybe next time.

If anyone wants to know Wander called me last weekend sticking yet another thorn in this here quarter life crisis by saying something to the effect, I hope you don’t end up alone with a whole bunch of cats. I really want you to be able to love someone. Do you want to go with me to Lord & Taylor to buy some boots? Uh yeah I want some boots but can we address the first part of your statement before we run off on a shopping spree?

Wander these sideways comments must cease…I mean seriously, you think I don’t already stress enough about the future of Faith enough! Would she prefer I settle?

This comment while I know has good intention somewhere behind it, I hope, implies I’m incapable of loving someone. And by default will end up on a porch somewheres knitting with two cats on my lap. Way to show your Faith in me Wander.

Couple that comment with The Spaniard and his you’re such a guarded person BS and you have the makings of a quarter life nervous break-down minus the Lexapro (that’s not a stab at anyone who takes meds responsibly because for some folk it is very very very necessary and for others well it’s a substitute for dealing with life’s ups and downs…I am off the soapbox, feel free to disagree). OK not really a nervous break-down per se but y’all know I loves me some dramaticals ( I get it natural see Wander’s comments above.) because it makes for better story telling am I right? Come on now you can tell me.

Alrighty back to the point…did I actually have a point…not sure this post is a bit of a ramble. Anywho I pocketed Wander’s gem along with Spaniard's half a gem and went on with my week. My super packed work week that is with nothing more than the morning stretch and scratch to serve as me time, yet somehow I managed to fit in reading a couple articles out of Glamour.

In my world Glamour is a more adult version of Cosmopolitan, don’t argue just go with it.

In addition to reading Glamour I stole a second or two, alright I stole like five minutes to check my comments from the prior week and respond. My blogging faithfuls and you know who you are dropped some serious knowledge. Since, as far as I know none of you have syndicated shows let me be the first to say y’all are better than Oprah I Swear for Jesus Winfrey! In truth I respect your thoughts more so than some of the non blog folk I see in person…you know real world people I interact with not via computer…scary right!

If I may paraphrase and I can because this is my house and I live here…hey isn’t that a song (Diana Ross)…I am so random today…must be the Friday bug.

Cardio Girl said (in my CG voice): Sweep the leg, Betch, either you gotta shet or get off the pot! I kid I kid. She really said as you grow and learn more about this thing we call life your perspective is gonna change. And it’s OK if it changes; don’t beat yourself up about it.

Reforming Geek said: Howdy, divorce happens make a damn decision already…no no that’s not what she said. She said if the only thing holding you back from something you want is a little snafu maybe you should give it some more consideration.

La’Tonya said: Honey don’t apologize for wanting who you want when you want him but make sure you’re comfortable with him and he treats you with respect! You’re young have fun, drink beer and be merry. Ok I added that last part!

Glamour Magazine said: Don’t apologize for who you are! Be happy in your own skin, emote confidence, demand respect and do it in a killer outfit.

Oh I must not forget my girl Diva! Diva told me a long time ago to play hard but be prepared for the consequences!

So I’m off to find shoes to match this killer outfit…deuces!

6 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

I loved the paraphrasing of the comments. Yeah. We are loads better than Opah....oops....Oprah.

cardiogirl said...

Damn woman, you're getting better than me at paraphrasing me.

(Stops for a minute to contemplate the Escher-like statement, brows furrow and her head explodes casting gray matter on the keyboard and monitor.)

Yeah, Opah's got nothing on us! And I say Opah purposely because I like the sound of it and I am afraid of the actual living, breathing entity known as Opah.

p.s. My word verification is tothara which I interpret to say "To the rah!" And that feels like a Hebrew way of saying "Throw caution to the wind and live your best life without fear!"

So now I have a new catch phrase to add to the Cardiogirl Dictionary. It is To the rah!

So, to the rah and mazel tov.

cardiogirl said...

Forgot to mention that cartoon made me laugh my ass off. Love that!


My answer to anyone pressuring me to get married & knocked up cause I'm pushing 30: "I will never be a cat lady. I don't like cats...."

Today it's more acceptable to "do you", be single, have fun & work on you. When you are ready it will happen!

I'll revisit these statements when I'm 40 & modify then, lol

La'Tonya Richardson said...

It sounds like you're moving past the breakdown. You have way too much on your table for that. Buying handbags and shoes is better than any medicene, add a good dinner, and call it therapy!

THE GUYS said...

Funny cartoon!!

You are too cool girl!!! And we use girl only in the most positive light!!

That's a weak comment from the Spaniard. If he doesn't get more original than cat comments, he's got to go!!


We've moved. Hope to see you there.

Happy Sunday!


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