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Weekly Rant: Back with a Vengeance…Sike I Have Three Lil Thangs on My Mind

Back to what I love most-est..and that would be ranting. Oh you don’t know how much I’ve missed ranting my little head off on this here thing I call my blog. Damn that Vancouver you get the forever stank eye o_0!!!!

Anywho back to the actual meat and potato portion of the meal shall we.

And yes I know I’m way late and a dollar short of 100 bucks but can someone please please please tell me why anyone took the Heene family seriously? OK granted I am a forever cynic and don’t really take anything anyone says at face value but a six year old floating away in a homemade helium balloon…to believe this you must be smoking crack! Not to mention that at the precise time of take off the two other children just happened to be recording it…coincidence I think wife swap not!

Not only that but this family already had glorious dreams of reality stardom. And side note when did being a reality star become the business (this is slang and it means awesome carry on)? Tell me reality star wannabes what exactly are you aspiring too? Oh that’s right you want to eat disgusting things for money, pimp out your man or woman parts for money, do borderline retarded things for money…does anyone see a theme here…if not it’s the for money part! So there you have it money is truly the root of all things Lil Wayne evil!

I can’t stomach this rant much longer so I’m calling it quits.

On to dumber pastures…well not actually dumber but even more depressing and depraved. If you haven’t heard this story let me be the first to introduce it to you.

Now at times I can be a bit uncaring but this bitch, yes I called her a bitch, is psychotic and needs more than the book thrown at her. If you didn’t read the story here’s my news byte; some gutter trash whore left her two and three year old nephews alone while she and the children’s mother drove a friend home. While carting said friend home the aunt’s house became engulfed in flames. As the neighbors listened in anguish to the little babies cries for help the mom and aunt were chillaxing on the drive back. Due to the amount of smoke and size of the flames neighbors were unable to get inside the home to rescue the children. Luckily firefighters were able to get to the kids and rush them to the hospital. Unfortunately one of the innocents didn’t make it and the other is in critical condition. Upon arrival at the scene the aunt had this to say after being asked if she regretted leaving the kids alone.

No, I really don’t because if they had been there by themselves, I don’t know if the boys set the house on fire or somebody threw something in there to set it on fire. I really need to get in there to see if my purse burned up. I had my Food Stamp Card and everything in there.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Need I really say more…OK I will. Is she kidding me? Now I get that some folks don’t actually process tragedy that well and maybe she was in a massive state of denial but WTF!!!!! Fits of uncontrollable tears and cries of pain I get but this I can’t understand on any level.

No seriously her food stamp card!!!!

On soooo many levels right now I want to inject her with a syringe full of hot battery acid. One of her nephews burned to death and the other is tapping on death’s door due to some janky behavior from both herself and the kid’s mom and this dirty hooker is worried about a damn food stamp card.


Can someone tell me why she wasn’t arrested at the scene of the crime?

OK giving myself a chill pill. I have one more item of contention folks and this is more of a personal pet peeve and a question than a rant rant. Do you like hairy men? I have all types of issues with hairy men. I think this stems from being picked up by a hairy dude as a child and accusing him of being a bear…it was hella scary. Anyway there’s nothing wrong with a little trim (ha ha that was hilarious and dirty all at the same time) gents. It doesn’t make you less manly to manscape. No one wants to rub against a burka. And not for nothing hair traps odors…ugh ugh and double ugh!

And that is all.

5 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

Don't hold anything back!!!


Seriously, I didn't believe the balloon thing when I first heard it. As for worrying about the food stamp card, yep, that's pathetic.

cardiogirl said...

Balloon gig -- I was tardy for the party. I've read about it since and it just smacks of hoax/publicity.

The children. Ugh, did not hear that and it makes me want to weep uncontrollably.

But I was caught off guard with this and it made me laugh:

I have all types of issues with hairy men. I think this stems from being picked up by a hairy dude as a child and accusing him of being a bear…

Way to end on a light note.

ettarose said...

I am with you on the whole ranting thing. Only I would cussed a WHOLE lot. I (unfortunately) was shown a horrifying video of a six month old baby girl named Briana's death. The mother father and uncle took turns throwing this angel in the air and letting her slam to the ground. The mother bit her over and over, she was raped repeatedly and had many skull fractures new and old. What did they get? 18 years. Battery acid in a needle would be too good for these monsters. That makes me rant. Oh yeah the idiotic Heeney's need to be bull whipped! By a hairy man


I'm so tired of hearing about no good parents and adults treating these kids/children/lil tykes like garbage...literally. It's sickening. I wish they would keep their damned legs closed, or go for option B, plan b something, because this is just sick...in so many ways...

As far as hair goes, I hate hairy men. I love it when a guy manscapes, and keeps his underarms trimmed as well...it's so unattractive when deoderant forms lil cakeballs under his arms (think I just threw-up a lil)

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, I try to be upfront most of the time. The foodstamp thing makes me want to vomit in her soup.

@Cardio, I try to keep it light most times you know but these "parents" drove me over the edge.

And it's way true hairy men give me the heebie jeebies (technical term)!

@Etta, I never heard that story but I'm starting to truly believe everyone shouldn't have the right to be a parent.

@Diva,I laughed at the cakeballs. I sweear men expect us to be pretty and groomed they should so do the same.


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