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Weekend Update: Celebrate Good Times Come On...It's a Celebration

Don’t let the happy title fool you; just kidding let the happy title fool you. While I didn’t get into any foolery this birthday thanks in large part to Juan who’s running quite nicely I might add I did have a pretty swell birthday.

It was way low key. My initial plans before Juan sucked up all my dinero were to go to NYC stay at the Marriott in Times Square, wake early on Friday morning and drag my still drunk/hung over friends to the Today show where I would parade my sign that said Happy 25th Birthday Faith… and in small print for the third time! Of course Al Roker couldn’t resist that sign and I would get my 1.5(not to be confused with 15) minutes of fame. It would be a cool thing to blog about as well, along with the whole shenanigans that took place in the city that never sleeps. It didn’t happen…there’s always next year.

Anywho the Best Friend tried to cheer me up by inviting me for a girls’ nite in (have you noticed a theme with her lately) at her place just a few of my chick friends and our love mates Vodka, Rum and Tequila. When I responded how depressing she said something like heifer I’m trying to help you out don’t get all uppity with me. Insert Nurse Friend who agreed that while we weren’t traveling to NYC we shouldn’t stay in tu casa. Clearly the Best Friend was out voted and we ended up at Ms. Tootsies eating soul food and listening to late 90’s and early 00’s hits.

Yes I is getting up there…90’s hits are actually considered oldies…when did this happen?

Ms. Tootsies, although kinda on the small side offered an ambiance I was with that night, real chill. I didn’t want to break all the rules and dance on tables, instead I wanted to sip libations, listen to subtle innuendo music and watch fantabulous folk decked in their weekend best. I put on a party dress and some get em girl pumps (not the original ones I wanted to wear they were off with the Little Brother and Juan writing rap songs God knows where) but enough of a heel to make me feel sexylicious.

Did I forget to mention that the bartender gave me a slice of chocolate cake special since I was the birthday girl…it was scrumptious and I thank him. Not to mention the free drinks…ah I heart birthdays!

And I guess feeling sexylicous showed because some random cop blew me a kiss. It was kinda odd and sweet/funny at the same time. Mr. Motorcycle drove down Nurse Friend’s car to give me his number so I guess that party dress and get em girl shoes were definitively working overtime. Not really into motorcycles but he is a serious cutie…will this be yet another pocketed number with no follow?

Oh and I must say thanks to Wander for spending Saturday with me. It was nice to get some face time with the Mombot. She seemed happier than usual….one wonders if the man she married has turned a leaf? She handed me a card from him along with a hearsay message that if I needed some help financially following Juan’s episode he was willing…interesting but no, I’d rather be broke.

When will he learn that money isn’t a substitution for dadhood.

On Sunday Nurse Friend and I came up with some new plans for New Years which involve Dapper Dan. Not sure how the Best Friend is going to take this news considering their on again/off again but mostly off again relationship. He’s still a DJ so we have to work the angles. Oh yes New Year’s party 2.0 is coming to a Westin near you…well not really near you unless you’re a Philly resident. And I promise I won’t get fumbling drunk this year….ok that’s half a promise!

Before I forget I want to say spank you very much to everyone who sent me e-mails FB messages, text messages wishing me a happy birthday. I felt all types of hearted and even shed a tear….I kid but I did feel all types of hearted.

Side note: I added music to the blog, is it annoying? Just wanna know peoples.

5 Pardon My French:

ReformingGeek said...

Again, I'm exhausted from your weekend. Sounds you had a great birthday celebration.

I usually get flirts from the over 60 crowd. Sheesh. Where's the pool guy when you need him?

As for music, I prefer to choose whether or not I want to listen to anything when I go to a site.

mr. nichols said...

Indeed, the Today Show bit would've been classic! But like you said, you have your whole life so I'm sure I'll be reading about it this time next year. I am glad you had a cool weekend though: kicking back to late 90s/early '00s joints with some soul food. What! That's good times right there.

To answer the side note question, yes. Music = all types of annoying. ; )

ettarose said...

I am with Reffie, I am exhausted just reading about what you did. Sounds like you had fun! Uh, music, yeah sorry, su-ucks!

cardiogirl said...

That is a drag that you weren't able to lure Al over to your sign. It is depressing when the songs you used to enjoy are considered "classic."

I'm with the everyone else. I do not enjoy the music even though I do enjoy Lenny Kravitz.

Chaotically Calm said...

@Reforming, my birthday was very low key and it was a lot of fun...low key fun but fun nonetheless.

@Mr. Nichols, soul food has a way of making all things better. And if you ever make it with the wifey to Philly make sure you check out Ms. Tootsies. It's small but very cutesy for a couple.

And you're right I have the rest of my life to yell at all Roker.

@Ettarose, honestly that wasn't an exhausting weekend for me. It was probably about a 4 on the exhaustion scale. Of course I am used to going 8million miles a minute...life of a consultant I guess.

@Cardiogirl, I'm all about luring Al next year...if I'm still blogging I'm sure the story will be all types of fantubulously funny.

@Everyone, I get the message muzak down...although I think I listen to awesome music the masses have spoken keep my preferences to myself...you guys are some bah humbugs...I kid!


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