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Peoples I’m back…not really back in the sense I will have a post a day but I am back into the whole blog thing with some new energy. Since it’s been awhile I will give you a blow by blow of what’s been up with me. For the last month and half; work vs Faith and work won the first couple of battles but I know I will prevail in the war. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. Model Friend moved to the left coast. I cried. She took photos to hold over my head….well she only caught a tear on my cheek because I hid my face beneath my hands. Yes I am that immature.. Mailroom Boy seems to have gotten the not so subtle hints that I am not interested in his schlong. It works out well for me because I hate uncomfortable conversations about how you’re a nice guy but I just can’t envision doing the freaky sneaky with you. He’s still a cutie but it starts and ends there. He also made a sideways comment that all black women have attitudes and for a second I almost got offended but I thought about it briefly and said to myself, Faith he isn’t worth the thoughtful argument you have pre-saved in your memory banks. On the down side, I think that means no Chrisette Michelle concert for me.

It’s better this way because well I am in a relationship (I hate this word even more than the word commitment and boyfriend).

And since you brought up the relationship why don’t I just talk about it a little. The Spaniard is good I guess. If you talk to him let me know. As I said work won most of the recent battles and I just haven’t had time for him. Being the corporate ladder climbing monster that I am could be my undoing and partly why I may never get married, he just comes second or third or well point being he isn’t first. I have trouble allowing a man to be my sole source of motivation or concentration. I see how many a woman I know turned out because of this and the cons clearly outweigh the pros. Men exist as a side dish but never the main course.

One day this might change but I don’t see it happening until I make a six figure salary. My goal is before I hit 32 (age adjusted from 30 due to the current recession). Due in large part to the downturn I don’t anticipate a raise because a raise when half the working public is getting laid off is downright irresponsible.

So I went off on a little tangent. Anywho over the summer I elected or better was selected by The Little Sister, to continue her driving lessons. Word to the wise and a ginormous note to self buckle up and pray I make it out alive. Just the other day she nearly killed me in the middle of an intersection. (Might have been a rookie mistake, maybe I suck as an instructor, but whatever the reason it made the heart flutter) Of course she claims her foot hovered ever so nicely above the brake but with the car picking up speed toward an obvious red light I tend to think not. She insists she was simply inching to see the oncoming traffic….no need to inch when the light is clearly red and you aren’t making a turn. Side note I will avoid getting my blood pressure taken until the end of this because I’m sure I’m in the higher levels due in large part to outright fear. The Little Brother turned ghost-face white the other day when I allowed her to drive to the laundry mat and unfortunately for him I don’t know CPR (bad Faith I know I am putting myself on punishment- I wonder if the Y teaches this?) so he might want to stay clear of the car when the Little Sister takes the wheel again.

He mentioned later his life flashing before his eyes but you know how he exaggerates.

And through all of this Dapper Dan continues to haunt/stalk The Best Friend. One of these days she will give up and concede due to pure and utter exhaustion. Personally deep down inside I think the Best Friend enjoys this sick twisted on again/off again game they play with each other. I on the other hand tire of hearing about it but I won’t let her in on that little secret. Blog Friends keep it on the DL (down low for those out of the know).

Nurse Friend kicked Designer Jeans into the wind and has moved on to greener pastures. And when I say greener pastures I do mean greener. No smoke screen, the newbie seems nice. I won’t give him a name just yet because he is too new. If he lasts the month I will give a better update. Wander is as Wander does; still shooting the shit with the man she married.

As an aside I noticed something rather odd about NYC chicas (I’m on assignment in the big apple)…why do they wear get em girl pumps in the subway. I do say I prefer the laidbackedness (you know that’s not a word) of my fellow Philadelphians who stick the uck me pumps in the bag/purse/laptop carrier and rock the sneakers for the walking the streets of it all. IDK (ooh there I go again with that text talking) it’s just a thought!

6 Pardon My French:

myundiary@gmail.com said...

Welcome Back!

cardiogirl said...

I like the updates on all the happenings. And I don't think it's unreasonable to want to focus on your career in your 20s and 30s. Marriage is not for everyone and young (18-28 year olds) marriage in particular.

I really think I would be divorced by now if I had gotten married at 20 or 22. I had way too much growing up to do.

I didn't look back, but did you go to Europe with the Spaniard? I'm guessing no, based on your mention of him.

And I am wondering if Mailroom Boy is black, white or hispanic, because that's a pretty inflammatory statement even if he's talking about the chicks of his own race.

Oh yeah, welcome back!

p.s. I like your LinkWithin posts at the bottom.

dizzblnd said...

Welcome back! Great news that the mail boy might finally be getting the message. Maybe he watched "He's just not that into you" and recognized some of the signs.

PLEASE concentrate on your career. Especially in these uncertain financial times. Boyf to borrow a word from Brazen) isn't worth it if he doesn't understand and support you.

I got married and had kids when I was 18 and 19.. I have been financially struggling ever since. I am HAPPY don't get me wrong, it just hasn't been easy even after 18 years.

I will pray for your safety as you teach your sister to drive.

Chaotically Calm said...

@myundiary, thanks for the support.

@Cardiogirl, It's good to be back into the swing of things.

Mailroom Boy is black but his comment was still rude as all get out. If I said something equally injustified about black men he would have flipped out but I felt like going there was one inappropriate at work and two not really worth it. We have a casual work friendship and I want it to stay that way. Sucks that I won't see the concert though.

The Spaniard's still in the picture, I just haven't had a lot of free time to spend with him (he's taken the opportunity to remind me of this every time I speak with him). Still can't decide if I want to travel half way across the world with him but I did send in the information for my passport (Trip is slotted for first two wks of July). Partially for him and partially for work purposes...do you know you can't go to Canada without a passport?

I dream of getting maried....one day I guess....after I climb some more ladders...

@dizzblnd, Thanks I need these prayers she is reckless. Don't worry I won't let boys derail me I've seen what it's done to women in my life and I can't have that happen to me.

Retromus-ik said...

I find your focus on your career pretty cool! Keep doing your thing. I can't wait until I get my B.A, then I can focus more on my passions, which will lead me to the big bucks;) I don't have a 6 digit dream as you do, I just want to be comfortable and have enough to travel as I wish and help people along the way with what I have.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Every once in a while it's good to take a step back/break, even when it's involuntary. Then you have lots to blog about. I found that out recently. Girl I fill you on the drivers ed. I'm teaching my 16 year old son, for a while now. Every now and then I have to holler, "On this side of the STOP sign!"


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