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Recovery And It Feels So Good

Today I woke up without the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Uneasy aka icky alcohol from the night before still inhibiting my stomach lining and lurking in wait for me to wake before rushing out my mouth. It's a small price to pay to the party gods. Nurse Friend is already talking about bigger and better for next year. I told her to give me at least until February to begin the planning of it all.

So the fallout. Should I act oblivious and fake intoxicated amnesia? I'm sure, completely sure The Godfather isn't going to let me forget passing bedroom eyes induced by Vodka at him all night. Cranberry Absolute definitely has a crush on him. A few weeks ago I could hide behind the non dating thing. Now I have to hurt feelings and just say, hey you know what I'm just not that into you.
It sounds bad and this is so the reason why people lie, it lessens the brunt force of total rejection.

Did I mention giving Nurse Friend's number out to 21 Jump Street's buddy? Funny how intoxication triggered some weird phone number total recall because since dragging her digits from the cellie it's been committed to memory for life. I recited it back to her without looking earlier today.

Despite spilling my guts like a floosie on Sunday I still managed to someway pull a number. OK not exactly a number, since I already have 21 Jump Street's number in my phone but now I'm not cowering behind the veil of friendship. He knows how I feel and have felt since college days. Are we still on for football on Sunday?

He also knows that a mutual acquaintance(there's a ginormous back story here that I can't get into) lied about me dating one of his friends (OMG everyone knows I don't do short men and said acquaintance had a major hard on for 21) and that I never dated Male Nurse Friend (I mean he's like my brother). But I digress.

So what does it mean when a man remembers the exact outfit you wore when you first met?

And long story short it feels oh so wonderful to reunite with my sober clear thinking mind. Problem, dealing with the consequences of one night of un-sober fun.

P.S. Nurse Friend has started bowling troubles.

1 Pardon My French:

Pastor Lars said...

Great post!!

May you have a blessed 2009.


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