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I ask because people seem to get very spooked out when Joey jumps out of his over sized white van camera crew in tow. And I guess when you think about it, it's probably just the element of surprise because honestly Joey Greco doesn't seem all that threatening. True he is a black belt in some form of the martial arts, lets just say jujitsu because it just sounds all I can kick your tushie before you bat an eye. But without that knowledge he looks more like joeschmo college professor who does remarkably well with the ladies because students fawn over average looking braniacs, at least this is what I hear. (Insert Dr. Carr) Dr. Carr was no looker but damn was there something about that man (a-mazing Irish accent) that made me stick with being a criminal justice major even after they cancelled our 5 year master's degree program. Um, yeah just went off on a tangent, back to post shall we.

It always strikes me as odd that the cheater gets mad at the cheatee once the cameras are front and center. If you've ever seen the show the accused gets confronted most times while with the accomplice to the affair in a bit of a compromising position and the victimizer gets very dignified. Odd, one would choose such a time to embrace dignity whilst running around in nothing but leather chaps and a cowboy hat. Believe me I am not passing judgment, whatever floats your boat...row! But why begin spouting foolishness about why your then significant other has cameras following you around or what they are doing there or my all time favorite what kind of person are you (victim) to pull this type of thing on me (cheater)? Granted if it were me, I wouldn't be slap stick comedy happy, of course I am no cheat, OK so it was that one time but we were on a break so technically it doesn't even count. Digressing, yet again.

What's this idea that a swindler shouldn't be called out on the carpet? It's funny that the cheat only sees himself/herself in the whole situation. How could you do something like this to me says the cheater. Um did he forget all about the lies that he's been telling you for the past in particular when you asked countless times if he was cheating or wanted to just call it quits. And there you have it folks, cheaters are conceited narcissistic liars who want their cake and eat it too. Side note if you have cake wouldn't you want to eat it, otherwise what's really the point of having cake.

And what's better than the dignified cheater is the utter denial cheater. Hello the video tape filmed from the living room doesn't have it out to get you Mr/Mrs Cheater. Recently I saw an episode where a young lady was suspicious of her boyfriend only to find out he was cheating on her with her mother.Yes, no misprint there folks the mom was helping herself to her daughters boyfriend when the daughter and step father went to work. And there's the other problem both boyfriend and mom were freeloading losers with no jobs and nothing to occupy their time but day time television and I guess each other after a while. (There's but so much Maury "Whose My Baby Daddy" you can actually watch before sex with your daughter's boyfriend becomes appealing.) But the absolute icing on this cake, Mom vehemently denied sleeping with Jr even when confronted with the video. It wasn't until the Step dad went into cardiac arrest from attempting to fight the youngster and was carted off by the ambulance before Mom gave up the charade and began sobbing I'm sorrys to both daughter and husband.

If cheaters teaches us nothing, when you see large over sized white vans you're probably being video tapped by a significant other suspecting indiscretion....kidding honesty folks and stop thinking your shit don't stink.

What has this post taught me....I need to stop working from home because day time television warps the brain.

3 Pardon My French:

Jenn Thorson said...

"Odd, one would choose such a time to embrace dignity whilst running around in nothing but leather chaps and a cowboy hat."

HAAA! I'm guessing though, hypocrisy isn't exactly a big concern of some of these folks.... "Isn't that that oath you have to take when you become a doctor?" :)


My question would be for the victims...Why in the F, would you want to have cheaters to help you discover your mate is cheating...you already knew...I wouldn't want cameras around when I pulled out my knife...ahhh reality television...gotta love it :)

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