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Bloggers Unite 11-10-2008 Everyone's Voice Counts Focus on Darfur

In 2008 nearly a quarter million civilians fled from violence!

Please take a minute to digest that statement. Over a quarter million, greater than 250,000 people mostly woman and small children ran crying from their homes seeking refuge in the outskirts of the Sudan and the borders of Chad. The conflict in Darfur began in Ferbruary of 2003 when two rebel groups launched an attack against the Sudan government and today the warring continues. It's estimated that a 1000 refugees a day flee with nothing but their lives. Behind they leave the shambles of what once was or risk being raped and killed by soldiers. We must call this atrocity what is it, genocide.

To learn more please review the following sites:

www.womenscommission.org or www.refugees.org

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