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On Friday I fulfilled the short term goal of purchasing a bike. It's a gray blue Trek 7.2 hybrid female addition. Basically it's bad ass for a novice. Stoked that now I can take my work-out, which has become non-existent since starting my new job, outside I pony upped or mounted for my first official ride yesterday. This morning however, there was a little snafu.

Yesterday I rummaged through my dresser to find my biker shorts. The vertical mirror in my bedroom reassured me that the tight nylons hadn't created a muffin top appearance so I set out to fulfil my hydration situation. Knowing that I don't keep Gatorade or Powerade stocked I substituted h2o. No problems I actually feel this was the superior choice. I was ready to go!

Overall the ride was a success. I biked down the Kelly Drive into Center City Philadelphia, about a 4-5 mile trek. I didn't fall, which was up there on my list of why the hell am I doing this. I didn't pass out at the hands of the extreme heat. Part of this was due to the time of day. The heat hadn't reached it's full potential at 8AM. So yes I was proud of myself. Of course I haven't mastered the art of swigging water while riding but I know with a little more practice I'll be right back to my riding days of old. Hey it's as easy as riding a bike...wait I am riding a bike.

Anyway still sailing off the high of yesterday I planned on going out again this morning. I woke early to get ready and to my chagrin the freaking cats slashed my back tire. It's my fault I guess. Should have known that leaving my new prized possession would be under attack from my ninja cats. I'm sure they went after it with stealth like precision using their razor sharp nails, I refuse to get them de-clawed, as daggers.

So now, what am I doing....blogging waiting for the bike shop to open to get my tire fixed.

Damn those tiny feline assailants.

1 Pardon My French:

threio said...

Great Job. I see you didn't put on #81 for UR little ride. ;)

"Overall the ride was a success. I biked down the Kelly Drive into Center City Philadelphia, about a 4-5 mile trek."

I hope U weren't in street! :)


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