A Quarter Life Crisis

Rants With Atmosphere!!!


It's official....the air outside is oppressive. It assaulted me as I dashed from my office across the street to the shopping plaza to grab lunch. Granted when I say dashed I actually mean I walked leisurely out of the building, watched a few cars go by, chit-chatted with a couple passersby and made googly eyes at a team of scantily clad construction workers before eventually making my way to the food court. Bottom line the heat hit me directly in the face and stole my air. If I didn't feel my insides getting moist with sweat not to mention little beads forming on my brow I might have stayed out a little longer, but I'm not Al Roker. I don't get paid to brave the element.

Watching the weather this morning should have given me a clue that the temperature was soaring to if you look at me wrong I will slap the taste out of your mouth hot. (Have you ever noticed that when it gets steamy people quickly resort to violence?) This equates to 92 degrees and 52% humidity. The weather man mentioned that it's gonna feel like 97. Oh that's what it is, those little five degrees sent us over the hotness scale. If it was just 92 and felt like 92 maybe old people, small children and animals could run all day in the sun without concern.

Without fail around this time every yr there's always a news byte where some random old person passed away or was rushed to the ER due to heat exhaustion. Yup that's what happens when you sit in the living room watching One Life to Live listening to the soothing sounds of a 13 inch fan. Air conditioning is essential. If you don't have it I suggest random trips to relatives homes that do and if you've already been banned from this type of air quality pilfering the local mall will have to do instead. Now that doesn't help for sleeping but hopefully the temp will drop to a muggy 85 and you can enjoy waking up to damp sheets.

It's supposed to be this way until some time next week. So yeah, there goes the weekend. Planned on finally getting that bike I've only been talking about for a little over a week. In my head I challenged myself to see how much gas money I can save biking everywhere w/in a 5 mile radius from my apt. Part of if was to lower my carbon footprint, yes I am semi-green (I hear you clapping in the background). Now with temps soaring to nearly 100, not so much! Can't see getting on a Canondale and zipping to a friend's house. By the time I got there, I'd be drenched to my skivies in sweat if I didn't pass out along the way from utter exhaustion. So yeah my plans are tanked.

Thanks Mother Nature I owe you one.

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