A Quarter Life Crisis

Rants With Atmosphere!!!

She Called You What.....

It happened. Just when things were going my way, the skies were clearing up and I thought life was finally going strong and in the right direction....it happened. And it's not like I didn't know it would take place at some point in my life but it wasn't supposed to hit me so hard, you know.

So here's the story I walked into a WAWA convenience store to pick up some items....pack of gum, batteries a cup of joe etc etc etc. The high schooler at the register with a face full of unslightly pimples and train track braces (I thought these were outlawed in our country) called me Ma'am. "Why not just call me granny," I said making a joke. Obviously my wonderful wit was lost on the juvenile because she looked at me as if she were in a state of absolute vacacy.

Was it the coffee....couldn't be I'd seen 13yr old girls shoveling down double shots of expresso and chai lattes at Starbucks! Was it the pack of gum...couldn't be who doesn't want her breath watermelon mint fresh! Was it the batteries...couldn't be I just needed some AAs for my digital camera! It had to be the clothes, I did have on a pair of slacks and a spring sweater so I was business casual ready for the office....no this was a age neutral outfit, wasn't it? I was having a moment of utter agony trying to figure out when I became a Ma'am. Did it just happen that morning?

Part of me wanted to scream out to her that I wasn't much older than she but what would that solve and to whose benefit would it serve? For the rest of the day I couldn't shake the age demons. I just kept looking at my reflection trying to figure out when I moved from the face of a Miss to that of a Ma'am. Quite frankly I'd just gotten comfortable with Miss.

In a feeble attempt to drown the pity sitting in my gut I decided to call some friends and have a few drinks after work. Like normal quarter lifers, we like our alcohol....and pretty much no one could refuse drinks on me. When the work day broke I zipped down the highway thinking the quicker I pour the glasses the sooner the age demons would leave me alone.

Once inside the state store (for all you none PA-ers liquor can only be purchased in designated state distributors) the woman at the register said, "Miss, can I see your driver's license?"

Jackpot!!!! I successfully held the age demons at bay........

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