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Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, well Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to all my readers. Hopefully the holiday brought you all the love your mind can understand and your heart can hold. For me, the holiday brought clarification and confirmation.

Let me run through the quick list of usual suspects. 21 Jumpstreet failed to respond to my general text message to everyone wishing him or her a Happy Cupids’ Day. The Spaniard was ever so attentive and since we had plans tentatively schedule the day after V-Day and things are new I didn’t feel I should burden him with the whole holiday superficial stuff. Mailroom Boy did respond with a short but sweet Happy Valentine’s Day, Faith. I considered this the olive branch since I demolition derby-ed his lunch date Friday.

Sometimes work trumps pleasure, Momma’s bills must get paid!

Officially I was Valentine-less. But even being without a Valentine wasn’t going to deter me or Nurse Friend from celebrating the superficial joy the season has to offer. The Best Friend was being a bit of a sour puss which I guess is to be expected given the recent break-up (I have stopped counting) with her baby daddy, I hate this term. She claims she doesn’t care but I was a little heartbroken to see them give up yet again. Odds are, based on my personal non professional assessment of their situation that in another year or so they will give it go again.

I went on a small tangent for a moment but if you’re a regular you’re probably used to my stream of consciousness style. Believe me a point is coming soon, I promise.

Nurse Friend and I decided to go single lady for V-Day bowling. Why, because we didn’t feel like staying indoors watching the sappy chick flicks playing on every station memorializing a holiday that we weren’t a part of. We invited a few of the regulars who all cancelled due to inclement weather (it flurried for 2 nanoseconds and everyone was acting like a blizzard hit town). I blame this entirely on depression over the idea of being single on Valentine’s Day.

I presume there’s a memo that reads if you’re single on V-Day you’re a loser. A memo obviously too many read and believed!

Eventually our bowling a deux was invaded by 21 Jumpstreet his friend, Designer Jeans and a tag along. They made sure to make it to the bowling alley after the stroke of 12 as to not confuse this “by chance linking up” with any resemblance of a V-Day date. Those two nonchalant artists are full of….anyway. Our two months of trash talking was not in vain as we mopped (won by 6 points) the floor with 21 Jumpstreet and Designer Jeans. The Tag-a-long well he was just that a tag-a-long.

Here comes the confirmation and clarification. The whole night I wished someone else was there…..what I clarified, 21 Jumpstreet is a good guy funny and even a bit of talker if you bring it out of him but the whole time I was wishing the friendly banter was shared with someone else. Friends I think his boat has sailed without ever docking. Regardless I think we will be homies (his word not mine) for life.

This could also be me being slightly shallow because 21 packed on a few lbs. I noticed this at the holiday party. I mean it’s nothing a little LA Fitness Membership and modified diet can’t fix but well his new appearance isn’t really my cup o’ tea.

We still had fun minus my trip down shallow Faith lane. Plus we beat the boys which is always fun especially listening to them pout and make up ridonkulous excuses for losing. What topped off my weekend though was spending Sunday with the Spaniard, ole!!!! It started with a pretty intense cardio workout (guess I need to dust my LA Fitness Membership off the shelf) and ended with a relaxing massage in the sauna.

Side note the sauna while doing wonders for my skin did a number and a half on my hair which had me at the Best Friend's house with a hot comb.

It goes without saying that I like this guy because no one ruins my hair without proper notice or payment for fixing. And there you have it folks I confirmed over a weekend dedicated to amore that one you don’t have to have a Valentine to celebrate the season (hell I psuedo celebrated with two boys) and two I do in fact have the hotties for the Spaniard. Of course my heart and mind change like the wind so let’s see what happens tomorrow!

3 Pardon My French:

StopWhining said...

I like your site here and enjoyed this post. How does one contact you offline? I have a satirical blog with growing traffic that would enjoy your humor as well. Here is my email robb4cubs@yahoo.com name is Robb.

Fearless said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Love to read your posts!

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